The Abu Dhabi Business Centre, a part of the Department of Economic Development (ADDED) said the new activities cover many vital business sectors, including 40 new commercial activities, 25 professional, 6 industrial, 5 agricultural, two crafts activities, and two in the tourism sector.

Mohammed Munif Al Mansouri, Executive Director of the Abu Dhabi Business Centre, said: “The new added economic activities reflect the vitality of business sector in Abu Dhabi, which witnesses expansion in specialized activities. It also reflects ADDED’s efforts to ensure ease of doing business as we regularly study the economic sector to know the market demands and requirements.

“Adding new activities allow entrepreneurs to issue necessary licenses to do business and launch their projects which will contribute positively to commercial activity and economic development in Abu Dhabi”.

The new commercial activities added in 2021 include television and radio broadcasting via encrypted and open channels, e-sports event management, securities lending & borrowing agency, safe custody of collaterals, mortgages, and insurances, general clearing for securities, buying and selling securities for own account, insurance products marketing, certificate of deposit services, securities remote access trading, car mortgage, and social innovation development and administration.

New industrial activities added include the manufacture of sensors and military communications systems, manufacture of machines and equipment for military factories, manufacture of military tools and supplies, military aircraft manufacturing, manufacture of military autonomous systems, and medium military weapons manufacturing.

In the agricultural sector, the new activities include beekeeping training, breeding reptiles and amphibians, breeding of birds (non-domesticated), breeding aquatic animals, and breeding of mammals (non-domesticated), while new professional activities include customs consultancy, military aviation training, data management & cyber security services, gaming quality assurance specialized services, gaming localization services, and training and qualification of farmers. New crafts and artisan activities are engine cleaning services and repair and maintenance of military ships.