It is time to conduct the review of the business to assess ESR applicability. In case there are any Relevant Activities, the business may be required to submit a ESR notification on or by 30 Jun 2021. The period under review will be Jan 1, 2020 to Dec 31, 2020.

In case the business follows a July 2019 to Jun 2020 financial year, it may be time to file the ESR Report by 30 Jun 2021.

The following are the Relevant Activities covered under ESR:

  • Banking Business
  • Insurance Business
  • Investment Fund Management Business
  • Lease-Finance Business
  • Headquarters Business
  • Shipping Business
  • Holding Company Business
  • Intellectual Property Business
  • Distribution and Service Centre Business

Feel free to reach out to us for the ESR Review in your business.