According to a decision issued by the Sultanate’s tax authority on Sunday, barley, corn, wheat, soybeans as well as bird, poultry and animal feed have been added to the zero-VAT list, along with other items.

Milk, meat, fish, poultry, fresh eggs, vegetables, fruits, coffee, tea, olive oil, sugar, nutritional products for children, bread, bottled drinking water and salt are among the 94 food items that had been added to the list previously.

Some domains such as education, healthcare and financial services are also exempt from VAT in Oman.

A zero-rating allows businesses to reclaim any VAT they have paid on costs. A taxable person or business that makes only zero-rated supplies may request to be excluded from the mandatory registration requirement for VAT purposes.

Source: Oman adds 24 more items to zero-VAT list | Business – Gulf News