The UAE is preparing to host COP28, one of the most significant annual climate summits, with over 70,000 global participants from November 20 to December 12 in Expo City Dubai. The summit’s primary focus is to accelerate actionable strategies to combat climate change, with the main themes being:

  1. Fast-tracking an energy transition: Prioritizing a fair and systematic shift to sustainable energy sources.
  2. Reforming climate finance: Addressing the financial structures that support climate change initiatives.
  3. Concentrating on human impact: Emphasizing the effect of climate change on people’s lives and livelihoods.
  4. Ensuring inclusivity: A holistic approach to involve all stakeholders, noting previous inadequacies in inclusive climate diplomacy.

The summit intends to move beyond dialogue, pushing for tangible changes at every level. Inclusivity, especially, stands out as a major pillar, with efforts made to understand diverse perspectives worldwide. The UAE is also emphasizing youth engagement, launching programs to ensure their active participation in decision-making at COP28. Other notable initiatives include a focus on health, trade, Indigenous Peoples, and the engagement of city mayors. The summit will be held in the backdrop of the UAE’s Year of Sustainability, underscoring the nation’s commitment to a sustainable future, inspired by the legacy of their Founding Father, Sheikh Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahyan. Everyone, including citizens, is encouraged to partake in driving the necessary change for a greener future.