As UAE aims to increase its exports by 50 percent the, cabinet has adopted an agenda to develop its non-oil export development sector.

Reaffirmed by Sheikh Mohammed Bin Rashid being among the top twenty countries in foreign trade indicators and has a developed economic structure that is capable of coping with the changing global economy, stressing the continued support for the national economy to be among the top 10 economies in the world.

“We have adopted the National Agenda for Non-oil Export Development, a vital step aims at accessing 25 new markets. The UAE non-oil trade exceeds 1.5 trillion dirhams.” Sheikh Mohammed said.


  • Approved the National Manual for Measurement of Research and Development (R&D) Expenditures in the government sector
  • Adopted the empowerment policy to support people of determination during emergencies and crises.
  • Approved the amendment of the federal law on private health facilities, which aims to extend the adjustment period, a move that ensures business continuity in the sector.
  • Approved the amendment of the federal law for tax procedures
  • Approved a federal law on goods subject to non-proliferation controls
  • Adopted a decision regarding marine wrecks and abandoned ships, which will help better organize the recovery of abandoned ships and shipwrecks located in the country’s territorial waters or ports, to ensure the safety of maritime navigation.
  • Approved a decision regarding nurseries and creches existing within government entities to ensure that on-site nurseries playing their role in supporting working women.
  • Approved the outputs and recommendations submitted by the committee established to study the electronic link system for education data
  • Not only to meet the needs of national companies and exporters, as well as to take the necessary measures to reinforce the UAE leading position as a regional and international hub for re-exports, the agenda additional objectives is to aim at increasing UAE exports by opening new international markets to support country’s foreign trade and enhance the growth in 14 sectors to ensure greater presence Emirati goods in the global market.

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