The Middle East and North Africa (MENA) region centering on Dubai has developed into an integral hub for both fintech and online trading. This has coincided with a surge of investment, startups, and venture capital, underscoring the potential in this region in 2024 and beyond.

MENA has recently carved out a niche as an attractive designation for investment and expansion from a wide range of industry participants. This includes brokers, service providers, fintechs, and more, all looking to establish a market footprint and grow their operations. Given this global interest, the region is frequently host to some of the world’s leading events, including the upcoming iFX EXPO Dubai 2024 on January 16-18.

2024 stands as an important year for both the fintech and online trading sphere, given strong competition, scalability, and significant challenges. This has necessitated a strategic emphasis towards strong growth markets with the highest potential.

Consequently, these demands have shifted the focus squarely to MENA, helping to solidify the region as a key hub moving forward across these verticals. According to a recent report, over 465 fintechs currently operate in MENA, constituting a sizeable leap over the past few years1. This growth has coincided with a notable increase in investment, helping facilitate an enticing environment for some of the industry’s most promising and exciting startups.

Moreover, MENA has also proven to be an attractive destination for brokers and the online trading industry over the past few years. Recent studies have pointed to a strong increase in CFDs and forex trading as key drivers, with the push for new clients centering on this region. By many estimates, several local MENA retail trading markets have already managed to outpace other jurisdictions2.

Indeed, the strategic importance of Dubai and by extension MENA is hardly surprising. A growing population, fluid regulatory landscape, and appetite for startups and investment have proven to be noteworthy catalysts for both the fintech and online trading space. With an increased emphasis on potential and growth in 2024, the region’s influence is only expected to increase moving forward.

Key Event in the Fintech Calendar

With all eyes on MENA, the upcoming iFX EXPO Dubai 2024 represents the year’s first opportunity for participants and experts in fintech and online trading. The event provides several key benefits and advantages for attendees looking to expand or set up shop in MENA.

The event will include some of the biggest brands and participants from the fintech and online trading industries, creating an environment that is ideal to connect and network. Attendees can engage face-to-face with local providers, players, and potential partners to establish lasting connections and relationships.

Dubai is seen as a rising star in the fintech and online trading space. Prospective participants can register today for iFX EXPO Dubai 2024 and unlock MENA’s potential this January.